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Oct 29

Vaccine Myths You’ve Probably Heard | Part 1

To put it politely, the anti-vaccine movement was started by some very…misinformed people. To put it honestly, they’re ignorant and they’re wrong. If you’ve heard any of these vaccine myths, please don’t believe them. Too many vaccines weakens the immune system If you had the time, you could get 100,000 vaccines at once and walk away […]

Oct 27

What Everyone Over 40 Should Know About Their Heart

By the age of 40, your heart has beat an incredible 1,680,000,000 times. Your heart is so hard working that even when it’s struggling to keep you alive it’s hard to notice that there is a problem; until it’s too late. The Truth About Your 40 Year Old Heart For men and women over 40, […]

Oct 22

Is Healthy Junk Food a real thing?

Junk food is typically defined as small servings that are packed with fat calories: Pastries, potato chips, french fries, candy. They pose a huge health risk because we often overindulge in junk foods. It’s easy to go over board when you consider their small size, and you’re hungry. We’ve discovered ways to still satisfy cravings […]

Oct 20

20 Health Questions You Should Ask Yourself

When it comes to your health, it’s important to be honest with your doctor, but its even more important to be honest with yourself. Self-evaluation is a key part of progression. If your goal is to be healthy, both mentally and physically, here are 20 health questions you should ask yourself. Did you take a […]