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Dec 10

10 Joyous Foods | Dopamine Superfoods

Have you ever been feeling down and had the urge to eat chocolate? Well there is a perfectly natural reason you have that craving when you’re unhappy, it’s because chocolate contains phenylethylamine which is known to stimulate the part of your brain that releases the “joy chemical”: dopamine. What is dopamine? Dopamine is a chemical that […]

Dec 8

Home Remedies for Cough and Cold

Your holiday break is coming up, this is no time to get sick! You may be feeling a cold coming on right now, but there are home remedies that you could use to fight it off and be healthy during the holidays. Fluids Drinking large amounts of water helps relieve congestion and helps purge waste […]

Dec 1

Healthy Holiday Treats

December is here! Time for parties, gift exchanges and our favorite part: food. Creamy soups, chocolate in all its forms, holiday treats certainly test our commitment to healthy habits. But what if we told you to stop counting calories this year and satisfy your sweet tooth? Would that make for a Merry Christmas? Here is […]