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Feb 24

Why Water Is The Most Important Thing Your Body Is Missing

If you ever hit the 3 o’-clock fatigue crash, have trouble concentrating, or feel like you’re lacking short-term memory, you might just need to drink more water. Yes, we all know we should drink water and drink it often, but do we do it? Water is often seen as a boring beverage with no flavor […]

Feb 24

How to Treat Severe Bruises

As children, we grow up getting bruises on our knees and elbows, but these are minor injuries that can recover quickly with a mother’s care. Mother’s often know a few tips to help reduce swelling and pain, and make the tears go away, but often when adults encounter more severe bruises they aren’t quite sure […]

Feb 12

High Blood Pressure | Eating Right

For those that struggle with High blood pressure, often called HBP or hypertension, watching what you eat can be a pain. Nearly 1 of 3 Americans have high blood pressure. High blood pressure also leads to heart disease and puts you at risk for stroke and heart attacks. So what foods should you eat to […]