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Jun 29

Summer Snacks

The best summer snacks are the ones that are in season. Don’t tell the kiddos, but that means it’s the fresh fruits and vegetables available at your neighborhood grocer right now. That is, unless, you grow your own in your backyard like many Utahans! Utah is a great place for growing fresh and healthy foods, but if […]

Jun 29

The Truth About Energy Drinks

Monster, NOS, Red Bull, Rockstar, 5 Hour Energy. They are the go-to for college students and late night workaholics. Energy drinks are mostly targeted towards kids and teens, but people of all ages drink them. Energy drinks are promoted to improve concentration and alertness and to help both mental and physical performance. But do you know […]

Jun 23

Why You Should Eat Small Meals During Summer

With 90 degree weather in full swing, eating small meals during summer is a good habit to form. With hot weather and longer days and nights, the body is put through turmoil trying to stay cool and digest foods simultaneously. Hot Weather To start off, Utah summers are HOT, HOT, HOT. When it’s hot outside, our body […]

Jun 21

How to Treat & Prevent Cold Sores

Appearing as blisters and painfully embarrassing, cold sores are fluid filled pockets near the mouth or lips beneath the skin’s surface. Caused by the herpes simplex virus, cold sores can flare up at any time and last up to 10 days. While they cannot be cured, cold sores can be treated with a number of remedies to […]