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Sep 29

5 Ways to Avoid Injury When Exercising

The benefits of daily exercise extend farther than only having good health and a better mood. With other benefits including strengthening your immune system, having a higher quality of life, and having more energy, the benefits of daily exercise greatly outweigh the risks. Although, you should always consider the risks that are involved with exercising […]

Sep 28

Brain Freeze Prevention and Relief

Did you know the official name for a brain freeze is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia? That’s quite a mouthful. Brain freezes occur when the two important arteries leading up to the brain experience a rapid drop in temperature. In order to protect the cranium, these arteries will contract and expand, which in turn sends pain signals up […]

Sep 21

Myth Bust: The Internet’s Unhealthy Myths

We love to search our symptoms on the Internet. That’s what makes Web MD and other symptom sites so popular. However, after a thorough search on the web, we usually end up reading that we have some life-threatening disease. Cue panic and even a specific form of internet-search-related anxiety! Either that, or we find some […]

Sep 16

Four Tips to help Prevent Sickness

The beautiful season of fall is upon us! The trees are changing colors and the weather is cooling down. With this cooler weather also comes an increase in the spread of sicknesses such as a cold or the flu. Sickness is especially susceptible in families with children who go to school. Here are four tips […]