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Jan 30

10 Small Ways to Increase Confidence

Low confidence doesn’t happen all at once. It build over time until you’ve created a huge weight that keeps you from feeling good. Similarly, you can build your self image back up and overcome self-doubt in simple ways. Check out these steps to increase confidence in yourself again! 1. Get rid of negative thoughts It may seem trite, but thinking […]

Jan 25

The Best Winter Snacks to Stay Healthy

The winter winds push away not only the warm days of summer and autumn but also the motivation to live healthily. Instead of reaching for a glass of water, people often pull out their mugs for a hearty supply of hot chocolate. Regular exercise turns into regular movies nights, and a lack of fresh air […]

Jan 23

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Insomnia

It’s two in the afternoon, you can feel your eyes drooping as thoughts of your warm, soft bed enter your mind. However, the day’s to-do list quickly pushes away any possibility of a mid-day nap. You sigh, focus your mind, and get back to the next task. Fast forward 12 hours. It’s two in the […]

Jan 18

Healthy Junk Food: Sinful Snacks with Great Benefits

Surprising as it sounds, some junk food may actually be good for you. Too often, our changing diets and fads dismiss whole food categories as unhealthy. If you’re looking to get healthier but you miss your snacks, here are a few options you can consider pulling back into your diet. Beef Jerky Even though beef […]