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Feb 27

Why You Need Sunlight

We’ve all heard the warnings: too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, and many other problems. But sunshine is actually very good for your emotional and physical health. While it’s not wise to let yourself be sunburned, safe amounts of sun can actually reduce your risk for many cancers and other health conditions. Here’s […]

Feb 22

Strains, Sprains, and Breaks: How to Tell the Difference

Nothing ruins a workout like unexpected muscle injuries. One of the most common offenders, especially while running or working out your legs, is your ankle. Severe pain, however, isn’t always enough to tell a strain, sprain, or break apart–and proper diagnosis is key to fixing your injury! All three can cause pain and instability. So […]

Feb 20

Confusing a Panic Attack with a Heart Attack

Because heart attacks are such a threat to our health, it’s wise to stay vigilant and aware of the signs. However, if you live with anxiety, or are prone to panic attacks, the two can seem very similar. If you or someone you know has panic attacks or is worried about their heart health, it’s […]

Feb 15

6 Best Apps for Healthy Eating

Whether just a beginner or an expert at fitness and health, everyone has this in common: we need to eat, and to eat well. These healthy eating apps make shopping, dieting, and avoiding certain ingredients easier. Check them out below: Fooducate Free for Android, iOS Scan barcodes and find out how healthy each item in […]