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Apr 26

Skin Care | When to See a Doctor

Did you know that your skin is an organ? It’s the largest organ of your body, in fact, covering up to 22 square feet! That’s a lot to take care of, and your skin–while your biggest defense against disease–can be susceptible to many illnesses. Many of these, like mild acne and dryness, can be treated […]

Apr 24

Natural Food Remedies Found in Your Home

When sickness hits, not many people think to turn to their own pantry for help. While many illnesses must be treated by a doctor, in your kitchen are natural remedies for milder but still aggravating symptoms. Using these, you can make yourself healthy at home and save you and your family a trip to our office! […]

Apr 19

Healthy Foods That Make You Feel Bad

Weird as it may sound, some very healthy foods can make us feel terrible, as if we’d eaten junk food. Many times, this can be chalked up to difficult-to-digest components. These digest in the intestines, not in the stomach, which causes bloating and gas. Other times, these foods carry unwanted ingredients with their own side […]

Apr 17

Myth Bust | Spring health myths you shouldn’t believe

Spring is a great time to reboot your New Year’s resolutions, or to clean up your health as the seasons change. But as we work to change or improve our habits and clean our homes, we may hear a few misconceptions about springtime health. Let’s fact-check these common spring health myths. 1. Change in temperature […]