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Jan 31

Drug Abuse Facts

A common fallacy about drug use is that it won’t affect your health. Especially if it’s a one-time thing, or in moderation. But the truth is, it will affect your health, and therefore your future. Addiction Facts Addiction is classified as a disease, characterized by compulsive use or seeking of drugs. Even after years of being […]

Jan 29

Underage Drinking Facts

Teenagers want to fit in. They want to have fun in their formative years. Unfortunately, for many of them, their peers or the media may suggest alcohol as the best way to do so.  Though there are some regulations, many commercials and other forms of media present drinking as glamorous and fun. This contributes to […]

Jan 24

CPR Facts

Though heart disease remains prevalent in our country, many Americans aren’t familiar with CPR or lifesaving basics. If someone collapses in public or at home, the tendency may be to panic or simply call 911, but this can be a fatal error for the victim. Rather than let someone else handle it and hope for […]

Jan 22

Performing CPR on an Adult (infographic)

It’s the kind of thing none of us want to think about. But emergencies do happen, and the best we can do is to be prepared for them. If you work or live with people who have certain conditions, it’s essential to know the basics of CPR. It’s also vital to know for any parent! It could […]