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Dec 13

Winter Safety

Winter can be an inconvenience as heavy snows set in and the temperatures drop. More than that, it can turn dangerous fast. Here’s how to stay safe in the winter so you can continue having fun! Tread Carefully On Thin Ice Ice is prevalent through the winter, and causes a lot of danger to drivers […]

Dec 11

The Importance of Hand Washing

In every public restroom, we see laminated cards bursting with information on washing our hands. We’ve come a long way historically, and we see hand washing as beneficial now instead of weird or unnecessary. But do you know why it’s so beneficial, or how to do it right? History Most people didn’t actually start washing their hands […]

Dec 6

Survivors of Suicide and How to Help

When someone commits suicide, at least 6 people feel intimate trauma. Even more people like extended family, peers, fellow students or coworkers, and acquaintances may suffer from the loss of a loved one to suicide. This is all too common in our world, and often comes with heavy, difficult-to-bear feelings, including guilt. This is because […]

Dec 5

Why You Need a Family Medical History

Family history isn’t just for genealogy! Knowing the details about your family’s health from your great-grandparents to your generation can keep you and your family safe! Why should I know my family’s medical history? Knowing the details of your family’s health history gives you better preparedness for common disorders or diseases. Tracking down these details […]