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Jan 16

Work Out at Work

Would you believe that you can get fit at work? Well, it’s true! You can do exercises without ever leaving your desk! While they won’t give you rock-hard abs anytime soon, you can beat some of that office flab. Subtle Exercises Sit and Stand–no hands allowed! If you have an office or high enough cubicle walls, […]

Jan 8

Self-Care: What is It Really?

In our high-stress world, we often hear a lot about “self-care.” Despite what many people say especially about millennial self-care, it’s not all sweets and essential oils. Self care is building a healthy life. Self-care is learning how to de-stress, feel good, and love yourself. What is self-care? Self-care is letting go of self-sabotage, in the form of beating […]

Jan 3

Health Fads and Avoiding Them in 2018

With the new year starting, it’s time to prepare for health fads and advertisements. While some of these are simply useless, others can be very harmful! Please stay safe this year as you work to become healthier! Fads to Avoid Products “Detox” doesn’t work. The only true detox is when medical professionals help you get drugs […]

Jan 2

Improve Your Mental Health in 2018

We’re all setting goals in 2018, many of them around our physical health. As you prepare your resolutions, don’t neglect your mental health! Keeping your mental wellbeing up is just as important as getting in shape. Physical Tips How you treat your body certainly has an effect on your mind. Physical improvement will help your […]