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Nov 22

Safe Toy Guidelines for 2017

Black Friday is coming up! In a couple of days, every parent is going to go looking for presents, if they haven’t already.

Keep your kids safe this year–no matter what’s on their wishlist–with these guidelines in mind!

Safe Toy Guidelines

Give appropriate gear, like helmets with skateboards and bikes, or safety glasses with soft dart or airsoft guns. Giving safe gear as well as these other toys will help encourage good practice and keep kids safe, especially on that first day when they’re not used to their new present.

Be aware of the symptoms of lead poisoning and of the risks of getting it. This means avoiding old toys that are more likely to contain lead in the paint. You should also encourage hand washing after handling toys. If you suspect a child has lead poisoning, call your doctor right away.

Avoid toys with heating elements, cords, cables, and other strangulation hazards. Older children may be all right with these, but if there are babies, toddlers, and small children within the family, avoid these. Keeping them away from small children can prevent accidents or harm.

Mind age restrictions. All toys given to children under 3 should not contain magnets, and should not fit inside a toilet paper roll. If it can fit there, it can also fit into a child’s mouth and pose a choking hazard.

Inspect the toys your child receives before letting them play. Check that parts small enough to fit in a young one’s mouth don’t come off, and that the toy is age- or development-appropriate for your child.

Be aware of which toys have been recalled. Send the toy back, whether you haven’t given it yet or if it was a gift. It’s better than encountering an accident, electrical or fire hazard, or lead poisoning later on.

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