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Jan 3

Health Fads and Avoiding Them in 2018

With the new year starting, it’s time to prepare for health fads and advertisements. While some of these are simply useless, others can be very harmful! Please stay safe this year as you work to become healthier! Fads to Avoid Products “Detox” doesn’t work. The only true detox is when medical professionals help you get drugs […]

May 3

Myth Bust: 5 Nutrition and Eating Myths

  Like certain health myths, word-of-mouth food and nutrition myths can become widespread, and do more harm than good. Others are fairly benign to your body, but hard on your wallet. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just eat healthier, learn to separate these fictions from fact. Myth: Juicing is better than eating whole fruits […]

May 1

Myth Bust | 5 Common Health Myths

Age-old advice can sometimes be a very good thing. After all, some practices have stood the test of time and are still relevant today. However, for others, science marches on, and we learn healthier practices and cures. Still, myths like the five below persist–and may be doing more harm than good when used to improve […]

Sep 21

Myth Bust: The Internet’s Unhealthy Myths

We love to search our symptoms on the Internet. That’s what makes Web MD and other symptom sites so popular. However, after a thorough search on the web, we usually end up reading that we have some life-threatening disease. Cue panic and even a specific form of internet-search-related anxiety! Either that, or we find some […]