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Mar 30

Men: Why You Should Get A Checkup

There are many things on a man’s checklist: getting the car a tune up, oil change, fixing things, etc. Men are often great at taking care of their cars, bikes, tools, technology, etc. But how good are they at keeping-up with their health and their bodies? Far too often, we wait for symptoms to arise […]

Mar 30

10 Important Facts About Cancer

Cancer, one of the most deadly diseases of our day affects everyone. At some point you’ve probably known someone who was affected by cancer. The terrifying truth that cancer affects the young and the old and can easily go undetected makes the disease even more deadly. As deadly as cancer is, unfortunately it is still […]

Mar 23

Should You Still Work Out If You Are Sore?

If you exercise intensely, you’ve probably asked yourself whether or not you should workout when you are sore. This is a serious concern as you probably don’t want to push yourself too hard and get injured. Doing so could set your routine back, making it difficult to get back into your groove. So should you […]

Mar 23

5 Things You Need to Do to Run Faster and Jump Higher

Every athlete wants to run faster and jump higher, but many fall into incorrect practices of getting there. There are plenty of online scams that promise certain results quickly, but the truth is there is no cheating the way your body works. Building a skill requires repetition, practice, form, and all those seemingly tedious and […]