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Nov 30

Why do vitamins make you feel sick?

All too often, the pills we take have unwanted side effects. This is normal. But it catches us off-guard when we take multivitamins, expecting them to make you feel better, and we feel nauseous instead. There are plenty of good reasons behind the sick-to-your-stomach feeling that comes from taking vitamins. Learn how you can decrease […]

Nov 22

Safe Toy Guidelines for 2017

Black Friday is coming up! In a couple of days, every parent is going to go looking for presents, if they haven’t already. Keep your kids safe this year–no matter what’s on their wishlist–with these guidelines in mind! Safe Toy Guidelines Give appropriate gear, like helmets with skateboards and bikes, or safety glasses with soft […]

Nov 13

Diabetic Eye Disease and How to Prevent It

Diabetes can be difficult enough on anyone who suffers from it. Among the various complications that come from this disease: eye conditions. These are often specific to diabetes sufferers, and can make a bad condition worse. All of these conditions have the capability of causing blindness. However, for those who do have diabetes, it’s not […]

Nov 8

What Is The Difference Between a Common Cold and a Sinus Infection?

At any time of year, but especially during cold season, it’s common to get sick. Sinus pressure and runny and/or stuffy noses abound all season long. But for many, it can be hard to tell the difference between a cold and a sinus infection. What’s the Difference? The main difference is how long symptoms stick […]