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Feb 21

3 Reasons to Become an Organ Donor

On average, 22 people die every day waiting for an organ or tissue. These people, waiting for a second chance at life, never receive it. But waiting organ recipients are not completely without help. By signing up to become donors, we can help them get a second chance at life when our own time has come. Here are reasons you should mark Y on your donor status.

60 lives saved

You can save or improve the lives of up to 60 people from your combined donations. That includes organs, tissue, and ligaments. And the donor list does not prioritize certain people over others. You might be saving any life, from any background or any age.

Don’t just save lives; improve them!

Obviously you can save lives with an organ donated. But you can also improve someone’s quality of life. Imagine being able to give the ability to walk, run, or dance back to someone by donating ligaments or bones. Or, you could give someone their sight with a cornea donation.

Live donations

What may give many people pause is having to wait until they die to donate. But actually, you don’t have to! Naturally, you can donate blood and plasma, if you meet the health requirements to do so. You can also sign up to donate bone marrow.

Or, if you are able, you can donate a kidney. Each month, over 3,000 people get on the waiting list for a kidney, and every day, 13 of them die. But you can actually donate one of your kidneys to help someone in need!

Plus, you can give two lobes of your liver. Your liver regenerates over time, and you can help someone who is in the stages of liver failure. That means you could help someone live as soon as today!


Consider helping those thousands of people still waiting for someone to save their life. Sign up today to become an organ donor.