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Apr 21

How your breath could help detect cancer

Recently, a study has been released that shows that detecting stomach cancer can be as easy as a breath test at your next appointment. The technology, called nanoarray analysis, can detect compounds in your breath that are indicative of stomach cancer. Not only does the technology recognize formed cancer cells in the stomach, but also can aid in the process of diagnosing those who are more likely to get the disease.

The advantages of this kind of science are manifold. First off, the cost of testing for stomach cancer goes down thus making it more accessible to people who have a history of the cancer. Secondly, it’s considerably less time consuming than other tests for cancerous growths. And lastly, it is far less invasive which serves as a comfort for those who may feel uncomfortable with extensive testing.

The test measures what is being called ‘breath prints’ in search of identifiable compounds that are associated with stomach cancer. In their studies, scientists found that the varying levels of those compounds led to a high accuracy in determining the different pre-cancerous stages, as well as those who have high or low risk of developing gastric cancer. Furthermore, researchers found that the test remained accurate even with the influence of factors such as age, alcohol intake and use of stomach acid suppressant drugs.

Further research is being done to improve the quality of the tests and to verify the abilities of it. Breakthroughs like this enable the medical world to move forward and progress towards more efficient and more cost-effective tools in maintaining a healthy general public.

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